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June 09, 2016

The Past few years have been crazy, our little line of apparel was so well received that the demand for a bigger space was apparent. Line ups out the door during Christmas and a waiting list for various products was a clear sign we needed to take the little store to the next level. The opportunity arose in February to take over the whole main floor of the building we were currently working out of and we jumped on it. The renovation was completed on May 13th and we can't be happier with the results and how well received its been from the community. With the addition of several other lines from across the continent we're now operating as a full on retail store with design focused apparel. We're currently still building the print and production studio that will be visible from the retail space. This will allow you to witness design,print, assembly and even the photoshoots of our product. If you haven't come for a visit please do and to those that have made our first month in the new space record breaking, Thank you so soooo much from the Hardpressed Team.