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March 01, 2017

We are very proud to be an official Nudie Jeans retailer through our Saskatoon location. Nudie is a Swedish company with a passion for extremely high quality denim products that are manufactured with a focus on environmental and social responsibility. 

Social Responsibility: Treating People Right

Labour in the garment industry has often been a controversial topic and Nudie strives to become a leader in improving these practices. Regular supplier audits and a goal of 100% transparent production keep the company accountable to consumers. Detailed supplier info is available on their website, and most facilities are in EU countries with good working conditions and strong environmental codes. 

Environmental Responsibility

Nudie also aims to lead the garment industry in reducing the environmental impact of the clothes we wear. According to waterfootprint.org it takes an average of 8,000L of fresh water to produce one pair of traditional jeans. By sourcing organic cotton, Nudie is able to cut down on groundwater consumption by 91% and primary energy demand by 61%.

The water used in washing and dying Nudie Jeans is then recycled and reused. In less regulated countries, manufacturers often release synthetic indigo dye right back into the water supply where it can pollute already limited supplies of freshwater. This focus on sustainability continues through all aspects of the company from re-selling second hand jeans to recycling worn out products.

More Information

One blog post is hardly enough to scratch the surface of the business philosophy of Nudie Jeans let alone their culture of custom denim. That's why our team works hard to be as knowledgable about our products as possible, so stop by anytime to try on a few pairs and learn more.

Until then, we encourage you to browse the links below for more about Nudie's commitment sustainability and custom denim culture. 



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