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August 15, 2016

Attention denim lovers: Nudie Jeans are now available at our Saskatoon retail location. Nudie is a Swedish company with a passion for high quality denim products that are manufactured with a sense of environmental and social responsibility.

Custom Fit: Eleven Different Cuts

Wearing a perfect pair of jeans is a special feeling, and the name "Nudie" comes from the idea that these jeans will fit so well that they become like your second skin. This process starts with finding the perfect cut for you, so Nudie offers a range of eleven different options to satisfy even the pickiest wearers.

Custom Fade: Make Your Mark

Great style should also tell your story. Nudies are designed to be worn in and shaped by your particular lifestyle. The longer you wear the jeans, the more character and attitude the denim will acquire. Depending on your break in journey, every fade or crease eventually contours uniquely to your body to tell a story of how you've worn them. The details of that story are up to you.

More information:

One blog post is hardly enough to scratch the surface of custom denim culture or the business philosophy of Nudie Jeans. That's why our team works hard to be as knowledgable about our products as possible, so stop by anytime to try on a few pairs and learn more.

Until then, browse the links below for more about custom denim culture as well as Nudie's commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

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