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Naked & Famous Denim

Naked & Famous Denim - Short Sleeve Easy Shirt - Indigo Tigers

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The Indigo Tigers is a 100% Linen Japanese fabric with a real indigo discharge tiger print. The fabric will age beautifully with wear and wash.
  • Materials: 100% Linen

    Cut and sewn in Canada.

    Dyed with Indigo

    Care: This shirt is made from 100% linen which we recommend you hand wash. Fill a sink or large basin with lukewarm water and a small amount of mild detergent. Let the shirt soak for 10-15 minutes then gently move the fabric around in the soapy water. Avoid scrubbing as well as squeezing the liquid out of the shirt as this may damage the linen fibers. Instead drain the container and rinse the shirt until the detergent is removed. While damp, reshape the shirt and place flat on a drying rack and leave to air dry. Wrinkles may form, and while the fabric is still slightly damp, run an iron across the front and reverse of the fabric.