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Oneiro Designs

Oneiro Designs - Love Spell Necklace

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If you’ve ever been in love before, you know that it can feel like someone put a spell on you. Put your own potions inside these beautifully crafted crystal pendants so you can cast spells all throughout the day and spread some love! Great for essential oils or whatever your scent may be.

Comes in 3 different crystals:

Clear quartz: “the master healer”- great for clarity, light, and healing

Green Fluorite: known for bringing renewal, success in new ventures, and good health

Tiger’s Eye: a grounding crystal that is said to bring luck, prosperity and protection.

  • Pendant is 100% crystal with small vessel inside for perfume or essential oils (clear quartz, tiger’s eye or green fluorite)

    Chain is gold plated.

    Nickel and lead free

    Oneiro's jewelry is gold plated not solid gold, so special care must be taken to prolong the life of the plating. Please review the jewelry care instructions below before wearing your new jewels. Oneiro will not be responsible for any normal wear and tear on plated items. In some rare cases, the ph of your skin may react with the plating and accelerate wear of gold plating.