A woman is sitting on a bench with her legs crossed. She's wearing a black tee with a yellow crest smiley face graphic and yellow overalls. She's holding a smiley face pillow in front of her face.

Happy Spring Days

Kicking off 2022 with a micro-collection that gives all of the spring vibes! Check out the new arrivals and read the inspiration behind each piece.
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A man and a woman are sitting outside on a bench side-by-side laughing and both wearing the "Happy Days Tee" from Hardpressed. The tee is black with a yellow smiley face graphic on the top left chest area of the tee. The eyes of the smiley read as "SK" for Saskatchewan, and the smile is a single strand of wheat.


This early spring micro-collection was created to bring some sunshine back into the world.

The designs in this collection are inspired by feelings of nostalgia and joy. Not to ignore the things that are happening in the world, but rather to remind us that there are better days ahead. We've lived them before and we will experience them again.

Spring brings new growth, brighter days, and feelings of hope. One of our team's goals this year is to bring back the fun and take a lighter approach to the way we do things. Spring has officially sprung! We want you to join us in the fun.

Happy Days

This design is a reminder to put on a smile when you wake up in the morning - it'll enhance any outfit you choose, especially if it's paired with this tee :) Through all of the hard times, happiness is what brings us back to humanity. Oh, happy day!

A woman is sitting on a bench with her legs crossed. She

Brick & Mortar

The home of Hardpressed, at the heart of Riversdale in Saskatoon, SK. It's been 10 years since we set up shop here and wouldn't have it any other way. We're proud to be one of many longstanding businesses in this neighbourhood and to play a part in supporting the community that existed way before we came on the scene. More than your average retail shop, our sign marks a place where everyone is welcome. Come on in and experience a space that feels like home.

Two arms are holding the "Brick & Mortar" Hardpressed tote bags in front of a wooden wall
A woman and a man are sitting on a couch laughing with Hardpressed pillows piled up around them. The pillows have floral patterns on them.

Letters Home Series

Inspired by an old postage stamp, this design evokes the feeling of sending letters to those you don't want to lose touch with. To kick off the Letters Home series, this design is available in our classic tri-grey tee, a white crop tee, a flowy crop tank, and the most exciting part... THROW PILLOWS! And yes, they're now available online. 

Please keep in mind, that pillows do not qualify for the $5 flat rate shipping promotion. Shipping rates will be calculated at checkout.

A woman is sitting on a green couch with a beautiful bouquet of flowers on her lap, wearing the white cropped bloom tee from Hardpressed.

That wraps up our mini spring clothing collection to kick-off 2022. There are more exciting things to come down the line so be sure to sign up for our newsletter or check back here for more. Thanks for tuning in!

- Team Hardpressed 

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