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ONEIRO Designs - The Type A Case

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Calling all Type A’s to the board room. This is an emergency organizational meeting. Do we have your attention now!? ;) The Type A Case was made to keep all of your favourite jewels organized, at home or for travel. Always keep your best necklace in your back pocket - literally. These beautifully designed jewelry cases are compact, made with genuine black leather, and features a soft tan interior with gold zipper details… what more could a person want?

Oneiro still recommends storing your jewelry long-term in individual small plastic baggies to protect each piece. The pouch on the inside is perfect for storing multiple pieces this way, protecting them and organizing… a win-win!

  • Materials: Genuine black leather with metal zipper

    (Jewelry pictured is not included)

    Care: Oneiro's jewelry is gold plated not solid gold, so special care must be taken to prolong the life of the plating. Please review the jewelry care instructions below before wearing your new jewels. Oneiro will not be responsible for any normal wear and tear on plated items. In some rare cases, the ph of your skin may react with the plating and accelerate wear of gold plating.

    Please see Oneiro's Jewelry Care for additional information on materials.