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A Brief History Of Why We Were Impossible To Find.

May 17, 2016

We're officially open in the new space, with extended hours and change rooms. Thats correct, CHANGE ROOMS. For the past few years our little store has confused almost everyone that has come to find us. Why? I thought i should post a brief history on why we were sold from a tiny little office with no exterior signage and why you early customers had to try on shirts in bathrooms. (Sorry about that by the way) So here is a brief history on how our line came to be.

Originally Hardpressed started as a custom printing company. We've printed for over ten years for small business, touring bands, non profits and anyone else who wanted to put their design onto tee shirts. We originally moved on to 20th street five years ago into a building called the Two Twenty. We were located in the basement in a small 600 sq/ft studio. As we grew we added presses and a few other employees. The Two Twenty Coworking building we were in at the time expanded into the building next door and the opportunity for a bigger studio with main floor office reception came up and we jumped at the space. That Christmas we decided to design a shirt based on the city we lived in and start an online store. Somewhere along the way people became confused and started showing up to our office to buy shirts from the online store. We went with it, we added a rack for browsing and it escalated from there. Last Christmas the volume of people that filled our little office became to much to handle. The opportunity once again came up to expand into the offices we were connected to and have a store front space. 

The support we've experienced has been amazing. It's exciting to see people feel proud to show where they are from. The new store will allow us to serve you better. Change rooms, extended hours, additional lines from across Canada, and much more room to breathe and stretch out while you shop. We will be experimenting with extended hours. Please excuse us while we find the right fit. For now we will be open:

Monday-Friday 10-6

Saturday 10-5

Closed Sundays

Closed long weekends in the Summer.

Hope to see you soon.