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6 Hidden Gems: SK Camping Spots off the Beaten Path

What better way to celebrate the return of our Camp Series than to tell you about some of our favourite spots to pitch a tent? Our staff put together a list of their top 6 hidden gems in SK. Check a few of them off your list this summer!
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Camping Season is Almost Here

With our annual Camp Series being released last week, and camping season being just around the corner, we figured we'd celebrate with a list of our favourite hidden gems - 6 great spots off the beaten path to pitch your tent in SK this summer! We asked our staff to tell us about their greatest camping adventures, and here's what they rounded up.

1. Dickens Lake

If you’re looking for a beautifully rustic spot to camp that’s away from all of the noise, this would be my pick. Now, the last time I was there was 2016 so things might have changed a bit since - but I’ll tell you what I know from when I was at Dickens Lake. The spot itself isn’t anything special and if I’m remembering correctly there are only 1-2 non-electric campsites. One nice thing about it is that the site itself is so accessible, being right off the 102 highway (a bit further North than Missinipe). We walked in a bit from the highway and pitched our tent, and explored the surrounding areas during the week. It’s definitely a secluded camping experience - when we were there, it was so quiet, other than the blissful sounds of nature. There’s a picnic bench, a small boat launch, and an outhouse, but that’s about it. At the time, there were remnants of a forest fire that had happened in recent years, but I’m imagining there’s quite a bit of regrowth now. We checked out other nearby lakes, went canoeing & fishing, foraged for mushrooms in the bush, cooked over the fire, and hid out in the truck playing crib on the days that it rained. Cell service was minimal, just how I like it. This is one of my most cherished memories of camping in SK.

Dickens Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada

2. Lost Echo Lake

Narrow Hills Provincial Park holds many precious camping memories for me, it's hard to choose just one lake to write about. 

Being a camper and councillor at St. John Bosco Wilderness Camp, I luckily got the opportunity to hike and canoe all over Narrow Hills and beyond, living as one with nature. Lost Echo Lake peaks my memory for being one of the most beautiful little lakes that I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. It was the way that the thick boreal forest reflected off the crystal clear water, how the lake bent around the campsites so sweetly, and hearing the calls of the Loons ringing over the water, creating the echos that gave it its namesake. Spending a night at this secluded Saskatchewan paradise could surely bring a sense of peace and tranquility to anyone. While it's not an overly popular campsite, being off the beaten path, it's a treasure to all who seek to connect with nature, embrace the elements and find some peace and quiet. At Lost Echo Lake, the silence is somehow so loud, and when you notice it, it's quite surreal.

Lost Echo Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Image: Kelsey Fagnou​​

3. Corner Rapids

Corner Rapids, Saskatchewan, Canada
Image: Ross Barclay​​

Among several fond memories of camping in Saskatchewan, an overnight stay at Corner Rapids in 2014 was one for the books! We had spent a few days canoeing through the Churchill River system, admiring Saskatchewan’s mighty whitewater, shooting some low-class rapids, and heading for the eddies when the situation called for it.

The back-country campsite next to Corner Rapids provided us our wilderness bed and breakfast on our 3rd night. The primitive site, which will at most offer few leftover logs of firewood for those that are lucky, is a paradise for the nature-seekers. Like a little oasis, the camp could very well be at the end of the rainbow for anyone looking to experience the Canadian Shield in Northern Saskatchewan. Like a welcome mat at a front door, the moss-covered rock warmly greets it’s guests at the shoreline. Boasting branches from Birch, Pine and Spruce trees above create a canopy, woven and tangled to provide shelter from the elements. 

The spot has a diverse selection of tent sites, but the ‘tenthouse suite’ is tucked away about a 30-second walk up the trail from the main campfire space. This small plot feels like you’ve stumbled upon a secret treehouse, it’s surely a room with a view – atop a 15ft rock cliff, where the hasty rapids rush melodically below. 

Inevitably, our stay at Corner Rapids consisted of more than a few awestruck moments. In true Living Skies spirit, sparkling stars and dancing aurora performed for us into the wee hours of the morning. We spent our evening cooking over the fire, sharing stories, roasting a few too many well-done s’mores, and singing the classics with instruments we made out of whatever we could find – pots, pans, cooking utensils, & food barrels.

Not wanting to leave nature's incredible hospitality, we nearly had to convince ourselves to get some sleep as we had another long day of paddling ahead. Of course, the five-star stay included the bubbling and rippling lullaby from the rapids below to have us hushed straight to sleep.

4. Cabri Regional Park

While this campsite isn't necessarily "off the beaten path", I really enjoyed the fact that it was a smaller, less widely known spot. Not to mention, the owners were so kind and accommodating, making sure we had everything we needed during our stay. When we visited in 2019, they had firewood ready for us when we got there, and it was only $10 a barrel full. They offered electricity to our campsite and also had nearby facilities with running water. It's definitely not a "roughing it" type of camping experience, so this one's perfect for those who enjoy the glamping life. It's down in a little valley so it feels like you're tucked away in a little paradise. My favourite part was heading up the road in the evening to the top of the rolling hills and watching the sunset. We visited The Great Sandhills while we were there as well, which is always such an incredible place to adventure!

Cabri Regional Park, Saskatchewan, Canada

5. Kenosee

Our province is known as the Land of Living Skies, but could be synonymous with Land of Living Waters. The grassy shores of the south stand in contrast with the pines up north. Different landscapes, both with abundant beauty. Still waters run deep, but south Saskatchewan waters run deeper still. Through the grasslands, past the dense birch and maple trees where robins nest. Flowing through the creeks the coyotes sip from, down the trails of the Qu’Appelle valley. At Kenosee Lake, the sky and water become one, in the most beautiful shade of blue. If you listen close, you can hear the bulrushes sway in the breeze, while dragon flies graze on the water. Upon the shallow beach, with my toes burrowed in the cool sand, I consider the beauty laid out before me. Like a canvas, coloured with greenery, wildlife, and endless possibility. The sun hot against a cloudless sky, warms my face. Reminding me to be still, to calm my mind. Reminding me that I am home. Camping at Kenosee lake was an adventure to remember!

Kenosee Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Image: Ryan Goolevitch​​

6. Grasslands

While not all of us have spent an overnight, many of us have visited the vast and beautiful Grasslands National Park. It's a true Saskatchewan gem that demonstrates how stunning the flatlands can be. Although there aren't specified campsites in the National Park itself, you can still pitch your tent there as long as you're out of sight and 1km away from the trails. Watch out for rattlesnakes!

Grasslands National Park Saskatchewan, Canada
Image: Tourism Saskatchewan​​

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