Hardpressed's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide Printed Out

Holiday Gift Guide

Put Hardpressed under the tree!

We've put together a holiday gift guide to make your shopping list easy this year. There's something for everyone on your list  – show gratitude to the people you love without the guessing games.

We had some fun with a few typical Saskatchewanian personas, however, they're only suggestions of course! We truly think you can find something for all of your family and friends within these selections.

Gifts for...

1. The person who loves to get outta town

Know someone who's always running off an adventure? Or maybe they just love to hang out in their backyard oasis. 

This collection is for them - from comfy clothes, to travel must-haves, and home decor that reflects their adventurous lifestyle - we're sure you'll find something that's perfect for them.

Gifts for the person who loves to get outta town

2. The person who always rearranges their house

We all know a home body who often politely declines an invite out to partake in their favourite activity instead, rearranging their living room. 

No matter how hard we try, we just can't get them outta the house! But they're always the greatest host, they love the quality time you share and they give the best gifts (and book recommendations). We've curated some items they're sure to love.

Collections Gifts for the person who always rearranges their house

3. The person who tells you to save room for dessert

Who just popped into your mind? They also usually never let you leave dinner at their house empty-handed. Maybe they bring you soup and vitamin C when you're sick, or come over to clean your house when you're busy. Not to mention, they always give the best hugs. They deserve it all! 

This collection has a variety of goodies you can give them to say thanks for all that they do.

Gifts for the person who tells you to save room for dessert

4. The person who works from home

You know, the one that shows up for zoom calls wearing a nice top and sweatpants on the bottom half! I mean, who wouldn't? Even for those of us that go into work – we all have those days where the goal is to wear something that feels like pyjamas, but still somewhat passes as being business casual.

Comfort is key, and that's why we put together the perfect selection of items for those who WFH (or wish they did.) It's giving comfy cozy and we're here all for it.

Gifts for the person who works from home

5. The person who always shovels the whole block

Yep, the real superhero's of SK. There's no better feeling than walking out to your car in the morning and realizing your neighbor already got the snowblower out and did the entire block. 

They're typically also the people that are a jack of all trades, drink their coffee black, always get the chores done, say -15C is a nice day, and can fix any problem with just a couple strips of duck tape. Have someone in mind? These gifts are for them.

Gifts for the person who always shovels the whole block

6. The jewelry lover

We all have that person in our lives that constantly impresses us with their style and grace - their outfits are pulled together with the best jewelry and accessories. 

They're usually wearing an enticing scent and always look like they just came from the salon. Well, you've landed in the right spot to gift shop for them. You're sure to find something they'll love in this collection!

Gifts for the jewelry lover

7. The kiddos

Gifts for the kids who show their love for a good meal by wearing it on their shirt, will spend every day at the lake if they can, always come home with a bunch of rocks, always want to draw, or fill up your camera roll when they get the chance.

No matter the quirks and interests the littles in your life have, we've got something for all of them.

Gifts for the kiddos

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